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The River Explained

Music licensing describes the use of copyrighted music, making sure the owners of the music get paid when it is used. Purchase of a licence will be for a specified use, for example; "music featured underneath a sixty second car advertisement for broadcast on TV in the UK..." Clients have limited rights to use the work without a separate agreement.

What is "The River"

Hey everybody its Becca, James and Corinna from Echo Music Licensing and here I'm going to run down the journey of a song from artist to commercial. And most importantly who gets paid, when and why... Or as we like to call it ... "the River" ....after all we're all lovely people but that's WHY we're all here right cash money ... yeah!! The reason we call it "the River" is that we think of Echo Music as a constantly evolving thing. We're not an age old major record label with years of legacy under our belt and a super highly curated catalogue of artists the reality of non-exclusive synch licensing (which is what WE do by the way) is that there is always an influx of amazing new music being created from fresh artists that are just finding their style. We take this stream of music and direct it toward the people that need it. So to the ad agency creative team that's looking for the perfect song to work alongside their new ninety second filmic atmospheric lipstick advert campaign. Or maybe to the trailer house editor who is cutting together the latest sci-fi blockbuster film trailer and is looking for the perfect driving electro track with a sultry jazzy vixen on vocals singing about new beginnings. WE are the perfect solution for these guys to find YOUR music, as not only do we have the best tagging and searching system for these guys to find what they are looking for BUT the songs in question have been rated up by REAL people, reviewing the songs THEY LIKE for pleasure... rather than some old school, classically trained musicologist on a massive Catalogue and Review team sat in a grey cubicle listening and tagging his thousandth song of the day in a genre he secretly hates. SO as I say the reality of of non-exclusive synch licensing is that we are a vehicle for artists to get discovered. And this is what we do best. While we would love our artists to stay with us and we continue to license them time after time of different projects (and obviously make our cut of the synch license fee;) what tends to happen in the real world is that we will place an artist on an advert for a commercial brand, be they national or global, and said brand will run their advertising campaign on terrestrial channels and satellite as well as digitally, during a campaign that lasts in the region of 2 months, DURING which time a good proportion of the country or possibly the WORLD on a global brand like HSBC or SHELL will hear their music and get to know them, look to purchase their other songs on iTunes, want to hear more about them on chat shows and of course see them in concert. Indeed bands have financed European tours on the back of one synch licence for a major brand commercial. So at this stage the band will typically be made recording offers by the three Major labels, publishing deals by the three major publishers and of course the larger independents, and they will typically take it from there. So we kind of act as a feeder for those larger music companies. And once you become an established name, they will be best placed for furthering your musical journey. We're not trying to take anything away from the A&R teams at these companies, and we're not saying that artists don't get discovered by playing as many gigs and festivals as possible... and when you're at the Great escape or south by southwest come finds us and share a beer or two ;) ... but the reality is that you cant be everywhere all the time, and there's just so much amazing new talent springing up all the time, in every nook and cranny of the globe... the old model of artist does gig, A&R guy hears killer song, record contract gets offered is now giving way to new technology and platforms like ours enabling artists to get discovered. so without further adieu join me in the next video where we introduce ... THE RIVER

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Music licensing, creative supervision, we are the discovery platform for breaking artists. What's different about us? We're a community and as such use crowd-sourcing technology to ensure precision curation of our catalogue. Using an ever evolving vocabulary of music, all our songs are rated and reviewed not just once, but over and over, and by genre specialists. Giving us a highly curated & quickly accessible catalogue.

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