The A&R Superheroes touch down in LDN

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Tue, 08/22/2017 - 16:25 -- jimbo

I thought it blog-worthy that three of our A&R superheroes may well be hitting the big smoke. #GetReadyLDN ... Becca, who by night goes by her superhero name "Iris Blue" is going to be throwing down at some of the Capital's most prestigious Warehouse parties. But not just observing from the rafters, she's likely going to be involved in some adrenaline-fuelled, highly technical dan action on the dancefloors. Hopefully with her trusty side-kick, our very own superstar Coco, or going by the name she uses when jumping roof-top to rooftop around Northam city, "Orchid". However as I write this she is still recovering from the evil work of the henchmen of the Southampton Cartel. And there is Abby, who has the superhero ability of being able to bend metal & melt to her will... to form small medallions, large medallions, medals, probably things non-medal related items also. A force to reckoned with.

But will Orchid recover in time?? Will the three of them be able to take on the big city this evening??? Will our citizens be safe???? Well in order to speed her recovery and offer something in the optemistic superhero, slow and mighty action-esque vibe, i thought I'd drop a link to this fresh track, Petunia Power from our 'jumbo' artist Calibrated Shots. Coming soon to a Superhero Commercial near you. God-speed Coco... the music industry needs you...

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