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What We Do & How We Work

We are a music supervision company at the forefront of non-exclusive sync licensing. But what does that mean in plain English. Well, advertisers, film-makers, video game creators and other creatives come to us when they have a project that would benefit from the use of music. Whether its background music, like say for example dance music playing in the background of a club scene, or it may be foreground music, the likes of which you'd see on a perfume advert, where the lyrics of the song work in tandem with the visual story.

Either way, whatever the usage of the music, the advertiser / creator of the audio / visual execution has to pay for the use of music. Legally, to use someone else's music, you have to pay. But there are a range of options open. At the very bottom of the quality spectrum, you'll find 'royalty free' music. This is where the advertiser / creative has either paid for all usages outright by buying a library / playlist / individual song upfront, or by using 'royalty free music' that is bundled with a video service they pay for like Vimeo Pro or Wistia, under the agreement that the artist will not collect royalties for any subsequent usage of that song. It is a one time upfront fee. We don't do this! We operate best at the higher quality end of the spectrum, pairing new artists with brands.

Although live music isn't our main thrust, we may arrange for them to play live at an event if it is part of an integrated campaign, for example the Coke stage at the UK Olympics working in conjunction with their advertising materials & sponsorship, but our primary focus is on talking to advertising producers, creatives & film makers and landing synchronisation licenses for our artists.


icon We scour the globe looking for breaking artists with new sounds. No matter how many bars and music venues, no matter how many hangovers to be weathered, we will find that band... then we'll grab a shower and some liver salts and start the process again.

In all seriousness, we are passionate about real feet on the floor, finding real artists. And putting people together to create true wonders of acoustical audio-visual majesty...

...(too much??)


Catalogue Curation

icon Finding the "good" music in amongst a sea of tracks, spanning a range of genres, structure and emotion has long been a task that has out-stripped the resources of many a music company... until now. At Echo, we believe that only true fans of the style of music are qualified to "rate and review", so our breakthrough catalogue curation technology always delivers the best music for the search in question. And as an added bonus, by leveraging the opinion of our music community, all our suggestions come with a degree of social proof.


Creative Music Supervision

icon Our team of experienced music supervisors maintain fantastic relationships with the movers and shakers of the music sync world. They are in constant dialogue with editors, producers and agency creatives about their current projects and are constantly putting forward the best new music.

We also boast a greater flexibility in being able to create customised edits, right the way through to totally bespoke music for your executions.


Music Licensing Clearance

icon Rather than trying to shoe-horn a diverse and broad range of artists, with different requirements into one licensing agreement, and then trying to foist a "one-size-fits-all" music solution on our entire range of clients, we have developed a clear and flexible service enabling clients to search for music appropriate to their needs and putting the power back in the artists hands when it comes to deciding the pricing of their music & selecting the opportunities they wish to be put foward for.


About Echo Music

Music licensing, creative supervision, we are the discovery platform for breaking artists. What's different about us? We're a community and as such use crowd-sourcing technology to ensure precision curation of our catalogue. Using an ever evolving vocabulary of music, all our songs are rated and reviewed not just once, but over and over, and by genre specialists. Giving us a highly curated & quickly accessible catalogue.

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